Sorry? Irina Baeva confesses why she “is thinking about it” to marry Gabriel Soto

Mexico. Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto are engaged in marriage and have not yet disclosed the date of their link, but she confesses that “she thinks” to marry.

In an interview with the Hoy program, Irina Beva, originally from Russia and who has lived in Mexico for several years, is honest and says why she wouldn’t want to marry Gabriel Soto.

“I am going to be very honest with you, getting married is very expensive and complicated, and even more so if you are Russian. Question of papers, because it is complicated, I am in contact with my parents to help me with this issue, with the Russian Embassy.”

In addition to what Irina points out above (not getting married, in a joking tone), she also adds that to all those procedures (real thing) that time is an important factor, since both she and her gallant are working a lot fortunately.

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“We are just looking for those little free moments, and when the wedding is done, the honeymoon is done, I will rest,” says Irina, who “does not take her finger off the line” and despite so many inconveniences she does contemplate having her wedding in a big way. .

Gabriel proposed to Irina more than a year ago and they made it public on their respective social networks, and both are currently starring in the soap opera Divided Love, which is broadcast on channel 2 of Televisa.

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At the moment Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto keep the details of how their wedding will be, but yes, they say that they promise to surprise their guests because it will be a special occasion for them and they want to share it and that everyone has fun by their side.

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