Sound of Freedom stirs cultural debates as Donald Trump thinks Eduardo Verástegui could be the President of Mexico

A cultural storm brews as Trump admires a Mexican film and its producer, while a right-wing movement rises in Mexico.

The film Sound of Freedom is garnering widespread popularity in both the United States and Mexico, telling a hard-hitting narrative about an increasingly prevalent global issue – child trafficking. Eduardo Verástegui, a Mexican producer who participated in the film, describes it as the most significant project of his career.

Donald Trump, who is staging another presidential run, arranged a private screening of Sound of Freedom, a thriller exposing child sex trafficking, at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Wednesday night. Trump praised Verástegui’s work, referring to him as the future President of Mexico.

The former U.S. President was effusive in his praise.

The movie has also sparked significant debates within the cultural wars of the United States. A press release from Trump’s campaign last week stated, “Liberal media outlets like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Hollywood Reporter have refused to review the movie, whereas publications such as Rolling Stone, Washington Post, CNN, and The Guardian have harshly criticized the movie and ridiculed the millions of moviegoers who purchased tickets for screenings.”

“It was incredible, potential president, to make this movie the hottest in the world. I think it’s comparable to becoming President of Mexico, right? So, we want to thank everyone,” Trump said at the end of the movie screening.

Following the movie, Trump stood before the crowd and congratulated producer Eduardo Verastegui, lead actor Caviezel, and former National Security agent Tim Ballard, upon whose life the film is based. “It’s something that I’m not sure if you’re supposed to enjoy or learn from, it’s a mixture, but it was a great movie,” Trump continued. Now, I understand why it is doing so well.

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Directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, the film tells the true story of a former U.S. federal agent embarking on a mission to rescue children from brutal sex traffickers in Colombia. The screening comes as the movie, distributed by Angel Studios, nears a box office revenue of $100 million.

“Viva México!” is a movement led by Verastegui.

The Mexican filmmaker and actor has championed a right-wing movement in his country named “Viva México!” This movement aims to discredit the “principles” of the National Action Party (PAN) for betraying themselves by nominating Senator Xóchitl Gálvez for the Mexican presidency in 2024.

With the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico, his movement is emerging, and in one of his latest speeches explaining it, he promised that he would soon provide information on how to join.

“All parties are the same, and all political hierarchies think and do the same. Let’s do things differently. I invite you to join the Viva México movement that will soon be the opposition representing your values and the aspirations of all Mexicans.”