Spa visitor in Dallas, Texas, may have infected several men with monkeypox after sex in the sauna

Monkeypox is considered much less dangerous and contagious than smallpox, which was eradicated in 1980.

Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Dallas County officials in Texas alerted the community to cases of monkeypox after a out-of-state visitor who had sex with multiple men in a spa club will infect several.

The county Department of Health and Human Services said the man had sex with other men at Club Dallas between June 22 and June 25.

People who have visited Club Dallas during these dates should monitor themselves and seek medical attention if they develop symptoms of monkeypox.

The meetings would have taken place in the sauna of the place.

The bureau clarified that monkeypox can affect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Although it is not a sexually transmitted disease, bodily contact during a sexual act can lead to contagion.

This Thursday’s notice was given a day after demarcation officials reported the first locally transmitted case of the disease.

the infected visitor was in the area to participate in the Daddyland Festival It was held the weekend of July 4.

Dr. Philip Huang, director of the aforementioned office, explained that the person attended that festival and other private parties. When he detected a rash, the man went to a hospital in Dallas where he was diagnosed with the disease.

“Now having someone who has tested positive, who also attended that event, we want to make sure everyone is aware and vigilant for symptoms,” Huang said.

Prior to this diagnosis, authorities had reported four cases of monkeypox among residents. Similarly, the four cases correspond to men who had sex with other men.

Symptoms include fever, rash, blisters, swollen lymph nodes and general body pain.

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