SpaceX will try to make its satellites invisible: why and how it plans to do it

SpaceX announced that it managed to develop a new technology that will allow it to make its satellites invisible so that it does not interfere with observations of space made by astronomers around the world.

so faro the company had been under pressure from the international scientific community due to the bouncing effect of sunlight on satellites. According to the experts, this situation prevents observations in the infrared spectrum, something essential for astronomers.

According to a document published by SpaceX, the new system they developed will allow astronomers to operate normally, while the satellites continue to orbit the planet offering Internet connectivity.

Through its collaboration with the astronomical community, SpaceX has identified and mitigated the main sources of satellite brightness and has sought to make its satellites invisible to the naked eye when at their standard operating altitude. from SpaceX.

Among the solutions described by the company owned by Elon Musk to solve this problem is the implementation of a dielectric mirror that will be able to reduce the bounce of sunlight on the surface of the device. In this way, they hope that these can go unnoticed by scientists.

SpaceX uses dielectric mirrors to minimize glare on surfaces that are flat, while using black paint for components with complex geometries to minimize glare and reflections that occur when highly specular scattering intersects the Earth.

SpaceX also argued that the second generation of satellites will no longer be white and instead use a terracotta-like tone with which your visibility should decrease drastically.

The new satellites will also be designed to be able to move when it reaches the maximum point of reflection in order to reduce its light footprint..

SpaceX raised the possibility of being able to sell part of this technology to other companies that operate satellites, so that they can also reduce their reflection in the future.

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