Spanish influencer Naim Darrechi confronts media, gets arrested at Mexico City airport amidst speculations about Yeri Mua

Amid swirling relationship rumors, the influencer's outburst triggers legal trouble and concerns over Yeri Mua's safety and well-being.

The content creator Yeri Mua is again the protagonist of a scandal because her alleged romantic partner was arrested after assaulting the press in a meeting she had with various media while passing through the International Airport of Mexico City.

As seen in a video posted on the Instagram account of the program “Hoy,” the lovers were captured by journalists who came to them to talk about the problems in which they have been involved. Still, Naim Darrechi, Yeri Mua’s boyfriend, did not react the best way.

In the images, you can see the peaceful way Yeri Mua talks to the people seeking to obtain statements about her private life. The beauty queen says that she can’t dedicate a moment to them since her flight is about to leave, and she could miss the trip if she stays longer.

This is not the first time Darrechi has been detained; the last time it happened was in Veracruz in April 2023.

Yeri is a popular content creator. Special
Yeri is a popular content creator. Special

On the contrary, Naim looks upset and starts shouting to leave his partner alone since she is pregnant and needs space, but not having what he asks for, he hits the reporters’ cameras. Minutes later, we can also see how the young man is arrested by the authorities, who take him to the public prosecutor’s office to make a statement.

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“Leave the people alone brother, she doesn’t want to do anything, leave her alone, she’s pregnant, you’re going to fuck off” are the words with which Naim threatens the media.

After the aggressions, it has already been mentioned that several media and entertainment programs that were involved in the encounter will address the violence they received from Naim and will file a formal complaint, among them the reporters of “Ventaneando,” which is broadcasted by TV Azteca.

It should be remembered that in recent weeks it had been announced that the young people were no longer together, as the Veracruzana publicly denounced suffering physical and psychological violence by the Spanish influencer after the words of Yeri Mua. Naim also remained silent and brought to light the pregnancy of the celebrity.

So far, it remains unconfirmed whether those involved are still in a relationship as a couple or if they will only be united by the baby they are expecting. Still, in social networks, the public comments are already monopolizing the publications and mention that they are not entirely in agreement that they are still together.

He was detained by the authorities. IG/naimdarrechi
The authorities detained him. IG/naimdarrechi