Spanish jihadist arrested in Norway after fleeing Spain while facing terrorism charges

Spanish jihadist arrested in Norway for fleeing Spain while facing terrorism charges, leading to European Arrest Warrant execution and extradition request.

The Civil Guard has arrested in Norway a Spanish jihadist woman who had fled Spain after being arrested for a terrorism offense and subsequently released with precautionary measures in August 2023, according to a statement from the armed institute.

The woman, a convert to Islam, had undergone a process of radicalization that led to her participation in various Internet platforms and social networks in support of the Daesh terrorist organization.

“The detainee, according to the investigation, created a publicly accessible digital jihadist library of more than 4,000 multimedia files associated with productions of the official Daesh media apparatus. In total, the woman managed a repository of more than 80 gigabytes of online terrorist content,” the Civil Guard stated.

After her arrest in August 2023, she was brought before the Spanish National Court (Audiencia Nacional) on terrorism charges. She was then released with precautionary measures, including a ban on leaving Spain and a weekly requirement to appear in court.

The woman flees Spain to Norway in November, violating precautionary measures

The woman took advantage of these circumstances and fled to Norway in November 2023, violating the precautionary measures dictated by the court.

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Thanks to monitoring mechanisms maintained on the woman after her release, Civil Guard agents detected her escape to Norway. This not only constituted a serious breach of her precautionary measures but also indicated she was again seeking to integrate with Daesh.

After establishing contact with Norwegian security services, the Civil Guard confirmed her presence in Norway. This enabled them, through a European Arrest Warrant (EAW), to end her evasion of Spanish justice.

The woman allegedly tried to reach ISIS-held territory in September 2023

In addition, the Civil Guard has confirmed that the woman tried to travel to Tunisia in September 2023 to make contact with an individual and jointly move to territory held by the Islamic State. Her August 2023 arrest, a month before her planned trip, thwarted the “potential displacement of a Spanish citizen to a conflict zone held by a terrorist organization,” the armed institute stated.

Norwegian authorities have now executed the European Arrest Warrant. As the investigation continues, Spain’s examining magistrate will request the woman’s extradition to Spain for provisional detention.