Spanish singer, dancer, and actress María Jiménez dies at 73 in Triana, Seville after battling cancer

María Jiménez, famed Spanish singer and actress, passes at 73. Her impact in music, cinema, and personal battles leaves an indelible mark.

Renowned singer, dancer, and actress María Jiménez passed away on Thursday at 73 in her hometown of Triana, Seville. Her family confirmed the heartbreaking news in a statement released to Europa Press. Her son, Alejandro Jiménez, described her as an “indomitable spirit, a force of nature, a strong and courageous woman who battled unimaginable adversities.”

Jiménez, whose remarkable journey encompassed not just the music realm but also film and television, carved a deep impact on Sevillian, Andalusian, and Spanish culture. A true polymath, she took to the screen, participating in movies and TV series, and even shone as a television presenter, collaborator, and esteemed guest.

Her expansive music catalog boasts iconic tracks, such as the empowering ‘Se acabó’, which became a resounding anthem against abuse. Her 1978 release was an immense hit both in Spain and Mexico. Over the years, she collaborated with several artists, resulting in chart-topping successes like ‘La lista de la Compra and her renditions of Joaquín Sabina’s songs in the album ‘Donde más Duele (Canta Por Sabina).’ In 2020, her album ‘La Vida a mi Manera’ further solidified her legendary status, featuring collaborations with artists like Pitingo and Miguel Póveda.

A Life of Triumph and Tribulation

Jiménez’s life was no stranger to tribulations. A defining tragedy was the untimely death of her daughter, Rocío, at 17 in a traffic accident. Her relationship with actor Pepe Sancho, marked by its highs and lows, brought them two children. The pair reconciled after the tragic death of their daughter.

Her fierce advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment, captured in tracks like ‘Se acabó,’ was a beacon of hope against societal machismo. This pioneering spirit earned her acknowledgments like the Gold Medal for Fine Arts in 2022 and the Medal of the City of Seville.

Health Struggles and Outpouring Tributes

The legendary artist’s health has been a concern in recent years. 2013, she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, followed by a triumphant announcement of her recovery in 2016. Unfortunately, she faced further challenges, including an emergency hospitalization in 2019 for a digestive system issue and a colon cancer diagnosis in 2020.

Despite these health setbacks, Jiménez’s spirit remained indefatigable. She made television appearances to promote her last album in 2020, showcasing her enduring passion for her art.

Following the announcement of her death, tributes poured in. Notable figures, including Carlos Herrera, praised her as “a reflection and comfort to many.” Political leaders like Pedro Sánchez and Juanma Moreno expressed their condolences, underscoring her contributions to Spain’s collective history.

As Sevilla mourns the loss of its iconic daughter, preparations are underway for a memorial service at the Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, where countless fans and loved ones will bid their final farewell.

“A new star now shines brightly in the firmament,” said her son, Alejandro. Indeed, while María Jiménez may have departed this world, her legacy remains immortal.