Speculations over a new romance rise as Maya Nazor dances with professional poker player José Manuel Planells

Maya Nazor reveals new romance after split with Santa Fe Klan, fans speculate about the mystery man's identity.

It’s been a year since the entertainment world was abuzz with the sudden separation of Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan, just days after welcoming their first child, Luka. Speculations were rife, especially with the rapper’s brief involvement with Karely Ruiz. Fans clung to hope, given the rapper’s hint at a possible reunion. However, recent revelations suggest that the chapter may have closed for good between the famed couple.

In a recent live broadcast, the well-known influencer Maya Nazor stirred the pot of gossip. She hinted at a new romantic chapter in her life, saying, “The truth is that I’ve been very happy, people. Soon you will know why. There are many things. You’ll have to know at the perfect moment… Yes, I’m meeting someone.” Though she kept the identity of her new beau under wraps, the internet went into a frenzy.

Who would Maya Nazor’s new boyfriend be?

The video clip quickly gained traction on TikTok, with fans playing detective. Many speculated that Maya’s new flame might be José Manuel Planells, a renowned professional poker player. The duo had been spotted dancing and looking quite smitten just weeks prior.

Behind Maya and Santa Fe Klan’s separation

The initial announcement of Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan’s split led to rampant speculations, with many pointing fingers at an alleged affair with influencer Mona. However, Nazor took it upon herself to set the record straight.


“It’s hard for me to talk because many of you are being harsh and are giving opinions when you don’t know the reality of my relationship, you don’t know the reality of anything. I did not leave Angel, nor did he leave me, it was a decision we both made, and we just separated as a couple because we are still family. We have a son that I love with all my heart and that he loves and that will never change,” she asserted.

Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor broke up by mutual agreement
Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor broke up by mutual agreement

Moreover, Nazor emphasized her financial independence, stating she hadn’t sought alimony from her ex. Recent sightings of the pair vacationing with their son further attest to their shared commitment as co-parents, exhibiting a familial bond that remains unbroken.

As the story unfolds, it’s clear that while relationships change, the journey of love and self-discovery continues.