Speedy Gonzales and rock cake: Christian Nodal’s birthday party, hosted by Belinda

Singer and songwriter Christian Nodal celebrated his 23rd birthday, with a fun party hosted by his girlfriend and fiancee, singer and actress Belinda. Through the stories of her account on Instagram, the interpreter of “El baile del sapito”, shared some details of the celebration attended by her closest friends and family.

The christian nodal birthday party, originally from Caborca, state of Sonora, Mexico, was enlivened by a mariachi and by the agricultural rock group Never Never, one of the singer’s favorite bands of songs like “Adiós amor”, “Botella after bottle”, “They didn’t tell you badly” and many more.

“Wow, if you loved your surprise,” Belinda expressed in one of the posts she made, referring to the group Never Never.

On the main table there were many sandwiches and they attracted the attention of the guests, their two birthday cakes, one with Speddy Gonzalez and another was a fusion between Venom and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Another of the decorations at the party was the so-called “family tree”, which had many pictures of “Nodeli” and with other loved ones.

Belinda was aware of every detail of the party.

For his part Cristy Nodal, mother of the young singer-songwriter of the Mexican Regional, dedicated a loving message to him on his social networks, on the occasion of his birthday.

Today like 23 years ago, I feel a great joy to have you as my eldest son, and I feel that the greatest of luck fell on my life when you were born.

The Belinda’s mother-in-law He stated that he could not let the day go by “and tell you that you are a person I cannot stop admiring, a person who shows me every year how immense his worth is, a person I will never stop loving.”

The beautiful lady continued: “You are all light son, I trust you and your noble heart, keep going, I know that everything you imagine you can achieve. Happy birthday! My dear Kisha, you are very loved by each one of us. “.

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In addition, Christian nodal received many messages of congratulations from his loyal fans, through his various digital platforms.

Christian Nodal with his parents and brothers.