Sperm donor of 47 children says women don’t want to date him

Kyle Gordyan sperm donor with 47 biological children and counting, he can’t find a girlfriend. The 30-year-old says women don’t want to be in a relationship with him.

Gordy fears his success as an independent sperm donor is to blame for his dating problems. The man told Jam Press that most women aren’t interested in seeing him, and the few who do give him a chance end up quitting in no time.

Kyle has no problem with suitors, the problem is that, according to him, women only want him for his semen and not romantically.

He estimates that 1,000 would-be mothers have asked him for sperm (he’s been donating since he was 22 and now doing it for free via social media) and says he’s fathered 47 children worldwide with another 10 on the way.

Kyle Gordy is currently on a “sperm donation tour”

Kyle Gordy is currently on a “sperm donation tour.”

Kyle says a lot of women contact him on Instagram, but only to look up his swimmers, and he says it’s hard to find a real connection, and he seems resigned to the fact that his love life will never go back to what it was before. to start donating.

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.News, the guy is currently on a “sperm donation tour” around the world. He recently visited Germany and Scotland, so there is hope that he will find a special woman somewhere.

The sperm donor is keen to settle down and start his own family, but admits that it will take a very special lady to accept him for who he is, explaining that he usually comes clean about his lifestyle early on.

By the way, Kyle Gordy says that his secret to not failing to donate his sperm is an organic diet, which includes 18 different supplements and herbs a day, as well as staying away from alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and drugs.

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