Spice Girls’ Mel B has been battling coronavirus for over a month

Spice Girls’ Mel B has been battling coronavirus for over a month

Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B.

Photo: Charles Coates / Getty Images

Singer Mel B, a member of the Spice Girls, has used his social networks to reveal to his followers that he has been suffering from the results of the coronavirus for about a month. Although his condition is not very serious, the music star can hardly move out of bed and feels a general weakness that prevents him from doing anything productive or moderately entertaining, such as organizing his annual trip to the Maldives.

According to his publication of Instagram, the British singer is going through the final stage of her convalescence and, therefore, there seems to be nothing to fear in relation to her state of health. Of course, five weeks have passed since the vocalist began to deal with the first symptoms of the disease: a whole ordeal that has only become more bearable thanks to the inestimable company of her dogs and the wide range of television on demand. with which it counts.

“The reality is that I am curled up in my bed and going through the last phase of the Covid. It’s been five weeks now, the coronavirus is no joke. Thank god I have Netflix, my dogs, the best hugs “, wrote the English artist in Instagram through various labels, right after fantasizing about the “paradise” you should find yourself in right now. “In my head I am in the Maldives… Ahhh, what a beautiful place: sunlight and a sea of ​​crystal clear water as I am indulged in a private villa that has been named after me…” Mel pointed out.

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