SPY x FAMILY Cosplayer Recreates Anya Forger’s Faces and Goes Viral

SPY x FAMILY is one of the hottest new anime series right now, with Wit Studio Y cloverworks combining their work to bring the Forgers’ story to life for the first time.

Of the three family members that make up the Forger family, Anya is definitely the one leading the funniest scenarios, as the young telepath currently attends the prestigious school known as Eden College and struggles to fit in with her elite classmates. .

Now, a fan has perfectly brought Loid and Yor Forger’s daughter to life. It was all thanks to the edge of cosplay Min_MMU who recreated each of the most iconic emotions of Anya Forgereven the smug face he showed in front of Damian Desmond!

Instagram cosplayer Min_MMU shared this perfect take on bringing Anya Forger to life, even going so far as to capture the different expressions of the young telepath of SPY x FAMILY fame that have helped the character become one of the biggest new figures. introduced in the anime this year.

Anya might have the ability to read minds, but her success at the prestigious academy is far from assured, as the children of society’s elite have no doubt earned their parents’ attitudes towards those they consider outsiders.

Aniya Preview in SPY x FAMILY Episode 7

AmericanPost.News reminds you that the anime SPY x FAMILY Episode 6, showed Anya being tormented by some uptight classmates. Then, Twilight and Thorn Princess’s adopted daughter unleashed a hit on one of her thugs (the target’s second son: Damian Desmond).

With the seventh episode scheduled to arrive this week, we’ll see if Anya can keep the mission on track. In addition to this, the manga continues to release new chapters, and the anime helps drive sales to the point where there are currently 18 million copies of the series in circulation worldwide.

Since the manga isn’t looking to slow down any time soon, there are plenty of stories for the anime to adapt in case it does return for a second season. You can catch up with the SPY x FAMILY anime from Crunchyroll, the global platform that streams the series in Japanese and with different dubs.

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