Squirrels win and force Christmas lights to be removed from a park in Minnesota

The squirrel mischief won this time.

Photo: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

The Asociation Friends of Mears Park surrendered. Its members gave up putting up lights this year in a park in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, because they believe they lost the battle against a lovable adversary.

Squirrels on the spot they bit the wires of the lights last year, before which the supplier refused to face the expenses again.

But they did not do it out of evil. The cables were covered, as The Associated Press points out, from polylactic acid. It is derived from corn sugar that was delicious to the squirrels in the park.

As an alternative, the group turned to a projector that illuminates in the shape of snowflakes and colored lights. “People look from their apartments and want to see twinkling lights. Okay, we cannot have flashing lights; it was probably this or nothing”Laments Ann LaBore, co-chair of the group of friends.

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