Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s residence set on fire

The private residence of the Prime Minister of Sri LankaGotabaya Rajapaksa, has been filled with thousands of demonstrators who have obtained the necessary materials to burn the place.

In social networks they have shared videos of the assault on the residence, some people have taken the opportunity to swim in the pool of the president, others to break windows and doors, but what has alerted the authorities is that they set fire to several areas of the complex.

A couple of hours ago AmericanPost.News we inform you about the beginning of this assault on the residence of the prime minister of the country, everything indicates that These activities will extend as well as the fire, which so far has not been controlled.

Details on the demonstration in Sri Lanka

Details on the demonstration in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka in crisis

It was the office of the minister of the country of India, Ranil Wickremesinghewho reported on the actions of the protesters, who demand immediate dismissal of the current government, headed by Rajapaksa.

Well, they blame him for the current economic crisis that he is experiencing Sri Lankain the images broadcast in local media you can see the smoke inside the residence, they are expected to arrive more people to the island to join the demonstration.

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Sri Lanka in crisis

Sri Lanka in crisis

The Sri Lankan Minister Ranil Wickremesingheconfirmed that the country has fallen into an economic crisis almost irremediable, so much so that it is expected to end at the end of 2023This news has shocked the population.

He added that they have been in talks to rescue the island nation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)but the financing depends on the presentation of a debt restructuring plan, it should be presented in August.

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