St. Albans Residents Reel from Unprecedented Triple Murder on Milburn Street

Triple homicide in New York City involves a landlord and tenants, with a dispute over rent payments resulting in three deaths from stab wounds.

Police in Queens, New York, are investigating after a landlord allegedly stabbed three of his tenants to death Tuesday morning over an ongoing dispute about unpaid rent.

The horrific incident unfolded around 7:15 AM at a home on Milburn Street near 122nd Avenue in the St. Albans neighborhood.

Suspect Turns Himself In, Confesses to Murders

According to police, a 54-year-old man walked into the NYPD’s 113th Precinct on Baisley Boulevard around 7 AM and told officers he was “having issues with his tenants.”

When pressed for more details, the man chillingly stated, “I did something bad,” and provided the address on Milburn Street.

Officers rushed to the scene, where they made the gruesome discovery of two women and one man dead from multiple apparent stab wounds.

Victims Found in Bedrooms, Basement

The victims were found in two different parts of the home. One woman was lying face down on a bed in an upstairs bedroom.

The other two victims, a man, and a woman, were located together on the floor of a basement bedroom.

All three had succumbed to “multiple” stab wounds and were pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The murder weapon has not yet been recovered.

Dispute Over Unpaid Rent Motive for Killings

While the investigation is still ongoing, authorities believe the triple homicide stemmed from a dispute between the landlord and tenants over unpaid rent.

Police sources say the suspect lived at the home and shared it with the three victims.

The killings are being investigated as a potential crime of passion following escalating conflict over rental payments.

Suspect Calm After Confession to Police

In a shocking development, the alleged killer is said to have been eerily calm when he entered the precinct and confessed his crimes to an officer.

Police said he engaged with them in a collected, steady demeanor before being taken into custody for questioning.

The middle-aged suspect remains at the precinct Tuesday morning as authorities continue interrogating him.

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Charges against the alleged killer are still pending. Police have not released his identity.

Quiet Neighborhood Rocked by Slayings

The tragic killings have shaken residents in the normally quiet residential area.

One neighbor who spoke to the media said he has lived on the block for over 20 years, and this is the first violent incident to occur.

Another resident voiced a heightened fear, saying it shows you never really know someone’s true nature.

The home where the stabbings took place is described as a single-family house with a finished basement.

City Sees Rise in Fatal Stabbings

The savage slayings come as New York City has experienced an uptick in deadly stabbings this year.

An NYPD report found fatal stabbings have risen 29% so far in 2023 compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Knife attacks have become more common on streets, public transit, businesses, and even homes across the five boroughs.

Last month, a Brooklyn man allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her friend in a jealous rage, killing the woman.

Investigation Ongoing, Motive Still Unclear

While a dispute over unpaid rent appears to be the catalyst, investigators say the exact motive remains unclear.

The relationship between the three victims is also still unknown. Police have not released their identities yet.

It’s uncertain whether they were stabbed in their sleep and caught by surprise or involved in an altercation with the suspect.

As police continue probing the circumstances, no additional suspects are being sought in the killings.

This is a breaking news story, and facts may be updated as more details emerge from the ongoing investigation.