Starbucks Employee Tests Positive for Hepatitis A, Alarming Customers in the US

A health department of New Jersey, United States is urging clients to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A after it was discovered that an employee of Starbucks he had worked while infected.

The County Health Department Camden was informed by a healthcare provider about the incident in the municipality of Gloucester Wednesday, said last week.

The Starbucks facility was immediately closed and an investigation found no evidence that food safety protocols were compromised.

Camden County Health Officer, Paschal Nwako, It said in a statement Thursday that the department was working with the employee and the coffee chain to handle the situation.

Up to four thousand people could have been exposed to hepatitis A by consuming in the establishment.

“Our highest priority is to ensure that everyone involved remains safe and healthy,” said Nwako. “The patient is not currently working and close contacts have been identified.

We encourage anyone who believes they have been exposed to get the hepatitis A vaccine by calling the county health department or their primary care physician. “

They offer free Hepatitis A vaccines in the US.

The health department of New Jersey, United States offered free vaccines against Hepatitis A to customers on Friday and Saturday, he said. Hepatitis A is a form of several hepatitis viruses, which can cause inflammation and affect liver function.

Most cases of contracting hepatitis A occur from ingesting contaminated food or water, according to the website of the Mayo Clinic. A person can also contract the virus from close contact.

While many cases of hepatitis A are mild, some people may need longer-term care, the Mayo Clinic said. Symptoms include fatigue, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, low-grade fever, and yellowing of the skin.

Starbucks did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment from NBC News.

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