Starbucks will stop requiring employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Other big companies, like Target, have not said anything about whether they will change their plans to require workers to get vaccinated, as Starbucks already did.

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Starbucks will no longer require its workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, thus reversing a policy that it had already announced earlier this month where it would require all employees to have the injection.

The famous coffee chain informed the workers that the change in its policy responds to the ruling that the Supreme Court of the United States had last week. In this, in a 6-3 vote, the court rejected the plan of the administration of President Joe Biden to require regular COVID-19 vaccinations or tests in companies with more than 100 workers.

This change of direction by Starbucks is one of the highest-profile corporate actions to date in response to the Supreme Court ruling.. Many other large companies, including Target, have not said anything about whether they will change their plans to require workers to get vaccinated, Today reported.

It should be remembered that on January 3, Starbucks said that it would require all employees to be vaccinated by February 9 or they would have to take a weekly COVID-19 test.

At the time, John Culver, the company’s chief operating officer, said it was Starbucks’ responsibility to do everything possible to help keep employees safe and create the safest work environment possible.

In his memo, Culver said the company continues to encourage vaccinations and boosters. The company also told workers who should not wear cloth face coverings to work and instead wear medical-grade surgical masks.

Starbucks had asked workers to disclose their vaccination status by January 10. The company said Wednesday that 90% have reported it and the vast majority are fully vaccinated. Starbucks did not say what percentage of workers are not fully vaccinated.

Starbucks employs 228,000 people in the US.

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