Step by step, how to find where Telegram saves the videos

There is an easy way to locate the videos and files that are shared on Telegram.

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after whatsapp, Telegram is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world.. Its popularity is growing daily, among millions of users, due to its innovative design and certain fun features such as its stickers. It also has many other functions, such as the possibility of downloading videos or music from its different bot to be stored in the phone’s memory and used when needed. All these files are also joined by those received through chats (individual or group) and which can be accessed at any time from the same application.

Where does Telegram save the videos?

Like other files, Telegram stores the videos in different places in the app, depending on their origin. In general terms, just as it happens with WhatsApp, there are two very specific contexts through which we can access these stored videos: through individual or group chats or through bot of Telegram, applications within the same application that are normally used to download music, but that are also used for many other things, including downloading videos. Taking this into account, it only remains to follow a few extremely simple steps:

In individual and group chats

1. Enter Telegram and, once the home screen is displayed, go to the chat where the video of interest has been received.

Telegram home screenshot
Screenshot of Telegram home showing some chats.

2. When opening the conversation, click on the name of the contact or the profile photo, both located at the top, so that the corresponding information is displayed.

3. With the contact information displayed, it only remains to slide the screen up to see all the files that have been shared in that chat, including the videos. They will be shown in a minimized view —typical of a photo gallery—, allowing us to click on them to save them in the device’s files, delete them, increase playback speed or share them. The video files inside this small gallery differ from the rest because in their preview box they show the duration time in minutes.

Screenshot of a contact's information on Telegram
Screenshot of a contact’s information on Telegram.

in bots

The procedure to locate the videos in Telegram bots is very similar to the previous one. As the bots work as one more conversation within the app, we only have to repeat the previous procedure and apply it to the corresponding bot, clicking on its profile picture or name to access its information and, at the same time, its Gallery. So we can view the videos that have been downloaded from it.

It’s important to put attention on the same procedure is also valid for locating photos or other files that have been received through Telegram, since they all go to the same storage place.

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