Step inside Nicolas Cage’s gothic Las Vegas mansion: Komodo dragons, crows, and more

Discover Nicolas Cage's extraordinary Vegas mansion, adorned with gothic elements and housing his diverse array of pets, including a Komodo dragon and a talking African crow.

Renowned actor Nicolas Cage, 59, gave a surprising house tour of his spectacular mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tour, part of an interview he gave to ’60 Minutes’, shows the Hollywood star touring some of the rooms in the home he shares with his wife, his daughter, an eccentric Komodo dragon, a gray cat, and an African crow.

“He’ll get to be about 6 feet long. It’s like having a real dinosaur in your house. It’s amazing. And it’s alive,” the actor proudly boasted, while he also had praise for his crow. “When I leave the room, it says ‘Goodbye.’ Ravens are very intelligent, and I like the way they look, the Edgar Allan Poe look. I like the gothic element. I’m a goth,” he candidly remarked.

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The house, which combines gothic style with avant-garde, is distributed over two floors and has all the luxuries we can imagine.

It features, among other rooms, multiple bedrooms, a foyer, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a main living room, a library, a billiard room, an aquarium, garage, among other rooms.