Stephanie Salas may step in for absent Luis Miguel and Silvia Pinal at daughter Michelle Salas’ wedding in Santo Domingo

Sylvia Pasquel discusses family dynamics and reasons for Silvia Pinal's absence from Michelle Salas' upcoming Santo Domingo ceremony.

In the midst of the entertainment industry’s eager anticipation for the wedding of Michelle Salas, the spotlight has once again shifted to the event’s guest list. Michelle, the daughter of Stephanie Salas and renowned singer Luis Miguel, will soon be tying the knot in an overseas ceremony, and fans are keen to learn which family members will be in attendance.

Silvia Pinal will not attend Michelle Salas’s wedding

Recently, Sylvia Pasquel, Michelle’s grandmother, sat down for an interview with the program “Ventaneando” to shed light on this matter. The central question on everyone’s mind was whether Silvia Pinal, the first actress and a luminary of the Cine de Oro, would grace the occasion with her presence. Pasquel confirmed that, unfortunately, Pinal will not be attending her granddaughter’s nuptials.

“To take my mom on a trip is already very complicated, you have to take the nurses, and not everyone has a passport. She is already an old lady that you can’t handle her so easily,” Pasquel explained. The actress emphasized the need to prioritize her mother’s health, given the challenges of international travel, especially with Pinal’s current condition.

Who will give Michelle Salas at her wedding?

Beyond the guest list, there’s been considerable speculation about who will have the honor of walking Michelle Salas down the aisle. Initially, many thought it might be her father, Luis Miguel. However, his ongoing 2023 world tour is likely to keep him away from the ceremony.

Silvia Pinal, demonstrating her love and commitment to her family, had graciously offered to perform this role. However, given the challenges associated with her health and the overseas venue – believed to be Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic – this seems unlikely.

In light of these developments, all signs now point to Stephanie Salas, Michelle’s mother, taking on the pivotal role of accompanying her daughter to the altar.

The singer is on a world tour. Photo: Especial
The singer is on a world tour. Photo: Especial