Steve Jobs: 67 years since the birth of a revolutionary entrepreneur

Steve Jobs, co-founder and president of Apple.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Steve Paul Jobs was an entrepreneur and business tycoon in the computer industry, best known for being the co-founder and president of Apple.

He was born in 1955, shortly after he was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Hagopian in San Francisco, California.

Steve enrolled at Reed College in Portland, but he dropped out of school after just one semesterThey assure that Jobs realized that higher education was not for him and preferred to start working.

In 1947, got a job at the iconic game company ‘Atari’but also soon left him to embark on a spiritual journey to India.

Upon returning to the United States, Jobs focused on the project that marked the beginning of one of the largest companies in the world to date: apple i

Jobs and Apple

His adoptive family’s garage was the place where he started working on the Apple I computer.

Along with his high school friend Steve Wozniak, Jobs created the ‘Apple Computer’ on April 1, 1976.with which he will launch the iconic Apple I on the market, obtaining considerable success.

When launching Apple II this reaches a commercial success of one million sales. What’s more, In 1980 Apple goes public, reaching a shocking valuation of 1,790 million dollars.

Jobs and his team developed a more “friendly” graphical interface for personal computers.They introduced the mouse at the hardware level.

These innovations were placed in the production of their new product, ‘Apple Lisa’, named after Jobs’s daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs. But ‘Lisa’ did not meet expected business goalsonly 10,000 units were sold in more than 2 years.

In addition, Apple developed a second personal computer, but aimed at a lower market segment, ‘The Macintosh’, however, did not achieve the desired success either.

After these two failures, the CEO of Apple that Jobs himself hired years ago, began to blame him for poor sales and that they were due to Steve’s “uncompromising and dictatorial behavior”.

Apple’s board of directors decided to remove Jobsremoving him from the company he founded.

Birth of NeXT

Steve Jobs cataloged his departure from Apple as an opportunity to be rebornso he founded a technology company dedicated to the production of specifically powerful computers for education, which he called NeXT.

What’s more, Steve decided to pursue animation by buying Pixar and turned it into one of the most important animation studios in the world.

Jobs returns to save Apple

After Steve’s departure, Apple fell into a deep financial crisis because of the former CEO, who was replaced by Gilber Amelio, who pushed for Jobs’ comeback.

Steve returns to his role as CEO of Apple in 1997 and one of its main decisions is to partner with Microsoft to bring Office to the Mac, the introduction of the iMac, the iBook, iTunes and many others.

Apple manages to be in the global technology market with the historic launch of two products: the iPod and the iPhone.

Despite his business success, his life is marked in 2003 by the discovery of a rare form of prostate cancer, which manages to overcome thanks to an operation called ‘Whipple’.

Steve Jobs delivers a keynote address at the 2005 Macworld Expo on January 11, 2005 in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Steve recovers, but four years later the health problems return, he had a liver transplant, but on October 5, 2011 he died at the age of 56 from respiratory arrest at his home in Palo Alto, California.

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