Stomach pain swallowing phone, they do surgery to man for risks

  • Patient goes to hospital for severe stomach pain
  • Doctors study it and what they find leaves them astonished
  • He was ashamed to ask for help and almost ‘paid with his life’

A strong stomach pain caused a man to go for a medical check-up, however, what the doctors discovered when performing some studies left them ‘frozen’, and it is that they do not explain how the patient managed to swallow a mobile phone, according to to the news portal of Mirror.

It all happened when the patient began to have very strong pain in the abdominal area, which is why he quickly went to a clinic, where the doctors subjected him to an X-ray and it was there that they got a tremendous surprise that was not explainable.


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After an exploration, the doctors found something amazing in his stomach, studies showed that he had something inside that had to be removed immediately because its content threatened his body and there was even a life-threatening risk of not doing so.

After questioning the man, he confessed what he had done six months ago, but that he was ashamed to ask for help, so he waited for the device to leave his body naturally, which never happened and on the contrary, it got stuck in your stomach.

Stomach pain swallowing phone: RISK OF DEATH

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Without knowing it, the patient was about to die since the object prevented food from passing through it in an adequate and natural way for six months, this caused life-threatening injuries within his body for which the surgery was immediate. .

The surgical intervention was performed at the Aswan University Hospital in the city of Aswan, Egypt, assisted by a specialized team, who initially treated him for intestinal and abdominal infections after he arrived with abdominal pain.


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So far, doctors do not know what were the reasons that led the man to swallow the device. The only information that could be provided at the hospital was that he is 33 years old and that the mobile he ingested is a Nokia 3310 phone.

The current state of health of the patient is not known either, but the most recent medical report established that he was recovering in a stable manner. However, this fact is not the first and others have already been attended in previous years, despite the size of the devices they are large. Filed Under: Stomach Pain Swallowing Phone

Stomach pain swallowing phone: AMAZING CASE

Stomach pain swallowing phone
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According to information provided by the United Arab Emirates media outlet Gulf Today, the chairman of the board of directors of Aswan University Hospitals, Mohamed El-Dahshoury said it was the first time he had seen a case like this.

The phone was complete, that is to say in one piece, which is even more incredible for the medical staff. which was made up of doctors from Kosovo. The device is one of many that doctors find in the stomachs of people who come with abdominal pain.


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The doctors weighed the quick attention, as they said that the phone was “too big for him to digest”, in addition that the patient was already at risk of dying since the corrosive acid of the battery could seep into his stomach and cause up to death.

The news ‘spread like wildfire’ after the leader of the medical team, Skender Teljaku, uploaded images on Facebook of the phone after it was removed, also showing X-ray photos and endoscopies while it was still inside the patient’s body. Filed Under: Stomach Pain Swallowing Phone


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The work of the doctors was amazing, since they did not need to open the stomach, they only took it out in three pieces through an endoscopy. After that, the team was pleased with the result and added that “there were no complications” with the operation.

There is a history of a 35-year-old man who in 2014, while intoxicated, tried to swallow the phone and put it down his throat before it was surgically removed, so there are already doctors specialized in this type of topics. Filed Under: Stomach Pain Swallowing Phone

Stomach pain swallowing phone: SIMILAR CASES

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In 2020, a 17-year-old teenager named Sweety Kumari had a strange habit. And that habit led to several hours of surgery because her life was at risk. We all have tics, habits, things we do when no one sees us and we don’t want them to be known. But what about Kumari went much further.

On August 31 of that year, the teenager underwent a 6-hour operation !! in a private hospital in the district of Bokaro, India, by a team of doctors led by Dr. GN Sahu. The doctor, after the surgery, said it was the first time in his 40-year career that he had seen anything like this.


Stomach pain swallowing phone
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The girl had a stomach lump the size of a 5-month pregnancy. Doctors thought it was a tumor, until they opened up and found out what was going on. It is that, Kumari, suffers from a condition called Rapunzel Syndrome that makes her eat her own hair compulsively. So, as you read it.

Other people play with their hair like a tic to focus or relax tension. There are some that tear it off, in which case we would talk about trichotillomania. But this girl, she rips it off and eats it. Filed Under: Stomach Pain Swallowing Phone

Stomach pain swallowing phone: A BALL OF HAIRS

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And because hair is not biodegradable, it has accumulated over the years in your stomach. And he ended up with a ball of hair that was getting bigger and bigger and little by little threatening his health, so they immediately acted to prevent something worse from happening.

So much so that they decided to remove it through surgery. The doctor assumed that he would find a good amount of tangled hair when he opened the girl, what he did not expect is what he found. A ball of hair weighing almost 7 kilos! Exactly, the “knot” was 6.8 kgs, which is about 15 pounds of hair on his stomach.


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Fortunately, Kumari survived and is stable, but his condition will need to be monitored so that it does not happen again. According to the British Medical Journal, in 2018, only around 90 cases of Rapunzel syndrome were reported.

Due to the fact that hair is not biodegradable, a build-up of hairballs can seriously damage the body by causing ulcers or fatally blocking the intestinal tract. Other symptoms of Rapunzel syndrome include a bloated stomach, decreased appetite, weight loss, and constipation or diarrhea. Filed Under: Stomach Pain Swallowing Phone

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