Strange disease discovered in South Sudan; already left almost 90 dead

In Sudan of the South, local authorities reported a strange illness that already left almost 90 people dead. Given these facts, investigation teams have already been sent to collect evidence from the patients, according to an interview by the WHO expert, Sheila Baya.

“We sent a rapid response team out to carry out a risk assessment and investigation,” commented the interview for the BBC. “Then they will be able to collect samples from the sick, provisionally we know that there are 89 dead,” he said.

At the moment it has not been possible to identify the source of the disease, nor is it ruled out that it is something already known, it was thought that it could be Cholera, but in the end the tests ruled this out. According to media in Sudan, this disease produces very varied symptoms such as diarrhea, high fever, joint pain, vomiting, weakness and loss of appetite.

WHO to determine causes of disease in Sudan

Strange disease discovered in South Sudan; it has already left almost 90 dead.

“We will try to determine if there is something related to an outbreak by evaluating those affected, including the environment, or any other risk that could lead to an outbreak,” said Dr. Joseph Francis Wamala epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (WHO ) to the local medium ‘Eye Radio’.

AmericanPost.News reports that investigators had to reach Fangak County, Jonglei state, but could not travel to the scene due to the climate emergency that is affecting the country.

This is because the floods have prevented the passage to the most remote regions, so the health agents had to return by helicopter to the capital. It is expected that during the week WHO officials will be able to make a presence at the site where the disease was identified.

Strong protests over coup in Sudan

Strange disease discovered in South Sudan; it has already left almost 90 dead.

In another vein, thousands of people took to the streets of various cities in Sudan this Monday, as part of the protests that have engulfed the country since the military took power on October 25.

The coup in Sudan halted a planned fragile transition to democratic rule more than two years after a popular uprising caused the retirement of long-time autocrat Omar al-Bashir and his Islamist government in April 2019.

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