strange event occurred at sea

  • Thousands of fish appear dead on the coast
  • Biologists take samples to determine the reason for the death of the thousands of specimens
  • The events occurred in the waters of the port of El Cayo, south coast of the Dominican Republic

Fish appear dead shore. Different versions about the apocalypse approaching have generated great concern in people who are superstitious to this kind of information, since several events have cast doubt on this kind of versions. Natural phenomena, dead animals and the like have been present in recent years.

On this occasion, something inexplicable happened on one of the coasts of the Dominican Republic, which made the inhabitants of that place wonder what had happened. It turns out that thousands of fish were found dead on the coast, generating doubts and concern among people who observed this strange phenomenon, according to Milenio.

Thousands of fish appear dead

Fish appear dead coast

The events occurred this Saturday in the waters of the port of El Cayo, in Barahona, south coast of the Dominican Republic, when a group of dead fish suddenly appeared. Immediately the residents of that place called in experts to analyze the situation.

Elements of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources came to the scene to investigate the causes of death of this strange phenomenon that has generated concern among the inhabitants of the coast. They claim that they had never seen anything like this in their waters before.

Fish appear dead coast: They investigate the event

Fish appear dead coast: They investigate the event
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After failing to explain why this had happened, four biologists, an expert in marine biodiversity and two water quality technicians came to the meeting who immediately began taking dead to determine the origin and causes of death of the thousands of fish, according to Efe Agency.

One of the circumstances that most attracts the attention of the technicians of the Vice Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources is that it is mainly sardines, a species that lives in deeper waters, away from the coast, they pointed out. Provoking even more mystery in this possible divine sign.

Fish appear dead coast: sanctions will apply

Fish appear dead coast: sanctions will apply
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Given these circumstances, the experts in conducting the appropriate investigation are already working on this event that occurred in the Dominican Republic. The analyzes are both for dead fish, from sea water and from a boat that is near the site.

Dominican Navy personnel will be supporting the commission of technicians in the investigation, who are willing to apply various sanctions at the end of the investigations. Since it is suspected that the causes of the death of the fish is due to some toxic spill in the water.

Fish appear dead coast: Suspicious vessel

Fish appear dead coast: Suspicious boat

The Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources (Proedemaren) reported that an investigation will be opened into what happened on the coast of El Cayo, in Barahona. They want to get to the bottom of this to find out if certain people have participated in this phenomenon.

Even the local authorities already have a court order to fully search the Poland Pearl Nassau boat that has been detained. Since apparently it discharged different minerals, and they believe that it possibly spilled some chemical on the water. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Fish appear dead coast: Oil leak

Fish appear dead coast: Oil leak

One of the possible causes of the strange phenomenon of dead fish could be an oil spill from Southern California, which resulted in the leak of about 3,000 barrels of oil or about 570,000 liters from an offshore platform off the coast of Huntington Beach. near Los Angeles is one of the worst disasters the area has faced “in decades,” said local mayor Kim Carr.

“This oil spill is one of the most devastating situations our community has faced in decades,” Carr said at a press conference. So far it is not known or confirmed whether this is the possible cause of the dead fish.

Fish appear dead coast: “Fish and birds covered in oil”

"Fish and birds covered in oil"

The mayor admitted that the 3,000 barrels that are officially spoken of will probably fall short, since that is the figure offered by the company responsible for the spill yesterday, and it is believed that it has not managed to stop completely, according to the Efe Agency. .

“Unfortunately, as a result of the spill, we are beginning to see fish and birds covered in oil that are reaching our shores,” added Carr, who confirmed that the responsible of the leak is Beta Offshore, a division of the company Amplify Energy, based In Houston.

“We are totally committed”

"We are fully committed"

Meanwhile, the CEO of Amplify Energy, Martyn Willshare, confirmed to the press that the company became aware of the leak on Saturday morning at the Elly offshore platform, and pointed out that he does not expect the number of barrels to be increased. They have spilled, since the 3,000 reported is the total capacity of the pipeline, which has already been closed.

“We are fully committed to being here until this incident has come to an end. We are collaborating with the California Coast Guard, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and numerous state agencies and local communities, ”said Willshare. Filed Under: Fish Appear Dead Coast

Crows fall dead from the sky

Ravens fall sky

An apocalyptic sign? Previously another strange phenomenon occurred in one of the Siberian villages, when hundreds of birds began to fall from the sky dead. This event has already gone viral on social networks, since no one explains how it is possible that all birds are dying in the sky.

The events were recorded in the village of Ust-Tarka, in the Russian region of Novosibirsk Oblast in southwestern Siberia, when some people began recording the exact moment when several crows fell from the sky already dead. Previously it had been seen that perhaps one or two birds fell, but this time it was different, according to SDP Noticias. Filed Under: Fish Appear Dead Coast

“I am shocked”

  "I am shocked"

The video was shared by a TikTok user in which it is seen how the dead birds are falling one by one. In the shared images, it can be seen that the crows are lying in what appears to be a park, while the user is recording the strange phenomenon.

Even the doctor added that some of the dead crows were taken for analysis in Novosibirsk, while the others were collected for cremation. He also mentioned that he is shocked by what happened: “I have been working as a doctor since 1975 and this is the first time I have seen this. I am shocked. Filed Under: Fish Appear Dead Coast

Were they poisoned?

Were they poisoned?

Sergei Kuzlyakin suspects that the crows may have been poisoned, due to the way several were falling from the sky. But despite saying that they were poisoned, he does not know how it was possible that they managed to do it to all the birds that were already lying

“Most likely we are talking about poisoning. But it is not yet clear what the birds were poisoned with, the results of the study will help to determine this as well, “said the veterinarian about the possible poisoning of these poor birds. Filed Under: Fish Appear Dead Coast