Stray dog ​​is run over, left lying and crying with six painful fractures

Stray dogs often ask for help with their eyes or by following people, but are ignored, they try to survive a life full of disappointments and dangers, where they have to feed on garbage. Eddie is a little dog who lived on the street and went hit by a car, he was thin which affected more in his sad reality, nobody cared about him, they left it lying, they did not get off nor to see how he was, fortunately, angels managed to help him in time, he had six fractures and underwent an operation to repair her little body. He proved to be a fighter and after he heals he hopes to be adopted by people who will never make him suffer.

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Puppy that was cruelly run over

Heartbroken by the rejection of people, Eddie spent his days full of sadness, no one looked for him or paid attention to him, he was just another number of dogs on the streets. His emaciated body, hungry, thirsty and cold, this little dog could barely cope with his life.

There came a day when a driver was speeding and did not notice Eddie passing his car over your bodyHe felt his bones break and it hurt, but it was even sadder when he realized that no one cared about him. They didn’t even come down to help him. Unfortunately for her, her pelvis collapsed as she had six fractures.

There are people with great hearts who are dedicated to rescuing, just as the non-profit organization does to the group. ThisIsHouston, Texas, United States. The situation reached their ears and they immediately went for him. It was inevitable not to feel sorry, Eddie was one of the left behind and excluded, he could barely stand or crawl, so they took him and he with tears in his eyes knew that his destiny could change.

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Eddie hopes to regain strength to be adopted

When they took him to a veterinary clinic is where they realized that he was around two years old, they did a tomography where it came out that he had six fractures in his pelvis and he had to undergo surgery to repair his fragile body, the right side was more complicated fragmentation, however, it was repaired with bone graft, plate and screws.

Thanks to the care he has received, this canine has improved satisfactorily in just a few weeks, but he has a long way to go. This canine has proven to be friendly and the pet that anyone would want in their life.

If you are interested in changing the life of this little dog and giving him a second chance, you can contact ThisIsHouston on Facebook. You can also sponsor or visit these little ones. Don’t leave them alone and give them a leg.