Student of “La Academia” makes the ugly songs of a renowned singer

Every Monday each student of The academy receives the song who will perform on Saturday and Sunday; in the recent assignment, Nelson received the theme “Expensive Clothes” from Camilobut the contestant made her ugly and revealed that he hates her.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that The Academy has given a lot to talk about, both because of the judges and because of the behavior of the students.

After three students who had already been expelled returned to the competition, the next concert promises to generate a lot of controversy and everything seems to indicate that Nelson will be the first.

Nelson of the Academy

The 10th and 11th concert of La Academia will aim to get the reality music students out of their comfort zone. Let us remember that 3 students who had already been expelled entered the last concert.

After the director Alexander Acha gave the song “Expensive Clothes” by Camilo to Nelsón, he could not hide his displeasure, before this the singer also questioned him, to which he replied:

“It’s one of the songs I hate the most in my life, but I’m going to accept it with love,” he assured and the director told him that this was the challenge.

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Student of the critical Academy Camilo’s famous song

Nelson makes a strong comment against a Camilo song.

When asked why he hates Camilo’s song, the member of the reality show “La Academia” said that he considers it “very silly” although he took the opportunity to send a greeting to the singer.

“Greetings to Camilo, I am going to get the pleasure out of him. Camilo excuse me” said Nelson.

For his part, Alexander Acha assured him that if he manages to do the song well, he will win the applause of the public and the jury:

“If what you just said here comes out on Sunday at the show and you do it right, imagine the applause,” he said.

Nelson who is originally from Guatemala, has become one of the favorite students of The academy and it will be on Sunday when he performs the song “Cara Clothes” by Camilo.

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