Student’s response to the return to classes goes viral “to chile no”

Reporter got a peculiar but sincere response from a young man when he was asked if he wanted to go back to school, this because the back to school it is very close.

What he did not imagine was how he would respond and that is that when live broadcasts are made the situation can be complicated since there is control of what can happen at the moment.

This is the case of a young man who went viral for a very particular way of answering when they asked him a question

Back to school response

When asked if he wanted to go back to school, the boy said no. This scene quickly went viral on various platforms.

It was during an interview for a media outlet in Torreón that the scene that quickly went viral.

And it is that the reporter approached the young man and asked him about going back to school and how he felt about it, to which the student was honest and without much detour said that he was not ready to go back to school.

The scene went like this:

  • The reporter: Did you already feel like going back?”
  • Student: “Not to chili, no.”

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Viral student response

This scene quickly went viral on various platforms.

The video went viral, because although he said he did want to see his friends, accepted that he didn’t want to be in schoolpointing out that his colleagues are possibly what motivated him to return but he did not feel like getting up early.

As expected, his response to the return to school went viral and it did not take long to spread over the internet and be shared by many students, who share the same way of thinking as this boy, which is why AmericanPost.News He wanted to share the story.

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