Stylist Mauricio Leal. They find the stylist dead and find a letter (PHOTO)

  • They find the body of a stylist with his mother
  • The case is surrounded by mysteries
  • They find a letter and reveal what the stylist wrote before he died. Confession or farewell?

They find a letter from the stylist Mauricio Leal, found dead in his house. Last Monday night, Mauricio Leal, 47, and his mother, Marleny Hernández, 67, were found dead in their home and now a heartbreaking letter found with them is released.

The event has moved thousands of people on social networks and even figures from Colombian television. Authorities noted that a letter was found at the stylist’s home. Apparently this finding is of the utmost importance in solving the case of the stylist Mauricio Leal.

How did the stylist Mauricio Leal die?

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According to a report from El Heraldo Colombia, the body of stylist Mauricio Leal had several sharps weapon wounds, it was not immediately clear if these were caused by himself or by another person. The body of Leal and his mother were found by the police.

The terrible discovery of the bodies occurred at 4:15 in the afternoon of last Monday. It would have been the relatives of the stylist Mauricio Leal who would give notice of the tragedy, according to the aforementioned medium. Leal’s brother arrived, without warning, at his house and found the brutal scene.

This is how they discovered the body of Mauricio Leal’s stylist

This is how they discovered the body of Mauricio Leal's stylist
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The body of the makeup artist was found on the ground, and that of his mother on one side covered with a sheet according to Infobae. In addition to finding the bodies of Mauricio Leal and his mother, the police said that a “key” letter was found to clarify the events in the stylist’s bed. Apparently, the letter would have a kind of goodbye from the famous stylist, but it is not clear if he was the one who wrote it.

“I love you, forgive me, I can’t take it anymore,” said a fragment of the aforementioned letter, which made many think that it was a suicide, however many questions still remain and it will be the medical report that will determine the true cause of the death. death.

What did the letter say that the stylist Mauricio Leal left behind?

What did the letter say that the stylist Mauricio Leal left behind?
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The authorities do not rule out any hypotheses, according to the Heraldo de Colombia. “To my nephews and brothers I leave everything, with all my love forgive me, mother 11 24”, is another of the fragments of the heartbreaking letter found on the stylist’s bed.

Investigators reportedly found a sharp weapon at the scene. It was also revealed that the young man had a chronic disease that caused him severe pain, which for many represented a strong reason for the death of the young stylist.

The latest message from the stylist Mauricio Leal leaves many questions

The latest message from the stylist Mauricio Leal leaves many questions
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One of his last messages was on Instagram, where he has more than 100,000 followers. “Success is the sum of small efforts that you make every day to be better than yesterday. GOD always blesses them ”, wrote the stylist in the publication where he also attached a photo of a hairstyle.

His account is full of photographs of his work and images of him with artists and models. Mauricio Leal’s brother broke the silence after the tragedy and revealed that he had a last conversation with his brother, who would have asked him for something ‘strange’ that foreshadowed the terrible end.

The makeup artist’s brother breaks the silence and makes an unexpected revelation

The makeup artist's brother breaks the silence and makes an unexpected revelation
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Jony Rodolfo Leal, brother of the famous stylist, revealed that the last time he spoke with his brother, he was asked that a service employee at his disposal not come to his house. Leal did not attend several work commitments which led his Jony Rodolfo to concern.

He tried to communicate with him, according to Infobae, however he did not succeed. Then he tried to contact his mother and that’s when he decided to go to the stylist’s house, where he found the terrible scene. The brother also revealed that the stylist suffered from “a chronic disease and severe pain that caused him to consume analgesic medications.”

“I always entrust myself to God … and I always ask God,” declared the makeup artist before dying

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In one of his last appearances, the famous stylist gave a reflection on success and hard work. “I’ve always been successful”Said the young makeup artist in an Instagram video where he spoke to his 160,000 followers. “When people see someone successful, they think they’ve only done one job and that’s it.”

However, the makeup artist talked about how he got to where he was. “I always entrust myself to God … and I always ask God for that person, and when I’m cutting hair I ask God to improve that person’s life and to make their hair beautiful,” said the young stylist.

Sorry news keeps coming

Sorry news keeps coming

The death of Mauricio Leal has shocked many people, but unfortunately it has not been the only sad event, and it is that the death of the iconic singer Theuns Jordaan was recently announced, after fighting against leukemia. The famous singer died at age 50 after an intense battle with cancer.

The terrible news was confirmed by a close friend of the artist who dedicated a special farewell message. Armand Hofmeyr, a friend of Theuns Jordaan was the one who broke the news of the death of the author of the tracks Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes and Soos Bloed according to The Sun.

Famous singer loses battle against leukemia

Famous singer loses battle against leukemia
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It was last Wednesday morning when Hofmeyr broke the news through social networks, shocking his followers. “Theuns, my old friend, I learned a lot from you. Most of my writing work is based on what you taught me ”,“ I would have liked to learn a lot from you… This is heartbreaking ”, were some of the emotional messages obtained by The Sun after the death of Theuns Jordaan.

The followers of the famous singer also dedicated messages on networks. “Very sad. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and South Africans. A true legend. Rest in peace, Theuns, ”read a comment by a Theuns Jordaan follower recovered by The Sun.

This is how the career of the singer who died of leukemia was ‘destroyed’

How Theuns Jordaan's career was 'destroyed'
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With many singles and hit albums like “Tribute to the Poets and Roeper”, Theuns Jordaan conquered the stage until his career had the ‘worst’ ending. According to The Sun, his career was ‘over’ when he was diagnosed with leukemia just over a year ago.

Theuns Jordaan had said the prognosis for his acute myeloid leukemia was “very good.” The famous singer’s condition “is a type of cancer that begins in the blood-producing cells of the bone marrow,” according to the aforementioned media.

Theuns Jordaan had given ‘hope’ before dying

Theuns Jordaan had given 'hope' before dying
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Although he had said his diagnosis was good and that he had gone into remission, he needed a stem cell transplant, according to The Sun. This intervention was revealed in February of this same 2021. Before dying, he revealed how he felt even before he knew he had cancer.

“Before the diagnosis, I was constantly tired for two or three weeks,” revealed the South African singer according to the newspaper reviewed. The mourning in the entertainment world continues and after the death of Octavio Ocaña and Enrique Rocha was announced, another actor died of a ‘painful’ illness.

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