Subject beheads Venezuelan out of jealousy; He took away his partner and took revenge in the worst way

Héctor Fabio López Zayas, beheads Venezuelan out of jealousy.

Photo: Colombian Police / Courtesy

A subject beheaded a man of Venezuelan origin for apparent issues of jealousy in the village of La Cabaña, in the municipality of Yondó, in Antioquia, Colombia.

The victim was identified as Eduardo José Suárez, a Venezuelan national who at the time of the incident was sitting on a chair, in the house he lived in, according to the authorities.

Héctor Fabio López Zayas, beheads Venezuelan out of jealousy.

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A 35-year-old man identified as Hector Fabio López Zayas with a machete who, after having an argument with the victim, attacked him until he detached his head.

The authorities arrived at the place and They captured the alleged perpetrator, who had a record for different crimes, including manufacturing and possession of drugs, personal injury, aggravated theft, breach of trust, and lack of food assistance.

“The Police received information from the community where they reported that Mr. Eduardo José Suárez, known as ‘El Veneco’ (due to his Venezuelan origin)He was assassinated with a machete-type knife, ”said the authorities’ statement.

“The Police, accompanied by the Army, went to the scene of the events, immediately capturing the aggressor, from whom a machete was seized,” the authorities detailed.

It transpired that what happened was out of revenge and jealousy, since apparently, the mortal victim would have taken away the sentimental partner and therefore would have committed this crime.

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