Subject tries to kill his ex-partner and ends up dead when he falls from a 14th floor in Santiago de Chile

Santiago, Chile.- Authorities investigate the death of a subject who fell from a 14th floor after attacking his ex-partner with a knife at the Central Station, city of Santiago.

According to reports, the events occurred at approximately 6 in the morning on Saturday, August 27, after the man went to an apartment to visit a woman with whom he had an affair.

Research indicates that during their stay in the home, the deceased today began to attack his ex-partner with a knife, who was able to escape to ask the neighbors for help. However, while she was holed up in an adjoining apartment, a fire broke out in his home whose causes are unknown to date, reported Commander Gerardo Aravena.

The agent stated that During the incident, the man fell from the 14th floor, which caused his death., a situation that “is already being investigated to clarify these facts.” Meanwhile, the victim presented various cuts on her body, for which she was transferred to the former Central Post, where she is reported stable.

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Due to the fire more than 300 people had to be evacuated by firefighters and personnel from the Chilean Special Police Operations Group (GOPE).