Subway would be the fast food restaurant with the worst chicken

One of the foods that millions of Americans love, without a doubt, are sandwiches, which are sold daily in large quantities and throughout the country. In general, there is always talk about which is the best restaurant or chain that offers this food, but little is said about which is the worst sandwich on offer and what it contains.

One of the best-selling sandwiches is chicken, regardless of the chain that offers it. Restaurants like Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are part of the variety of firms that compete in this food segment. Even more meat-focused brands like Burger King and McDonald’s also entered the competition.

But what you might get lost in all this fast food approach is that classic sandwich shops can be a surprisingly good option for a quick chicken sandwich on an average day. After all, sandwiches are your bread and butter, possibly with delicious chicken tucked between two slices.

Mashed surveyed 657 Americans who were asked to choose the sandwich restaurant they thought would has the worst chicken in terms of quality. The result of the study, without a doubt, was surprising, since consumers expressed that the worst chicken is provided by the famous sandwich chain Subway.

39.88% of those surveyed chose Subway as the place with the worst quality chicken. The rest of the respondents went to Blimpie, 20.09%, Quiznos, 12.79%, Jimmy John’s 8.83%, Penn Station, 7.91%, Jersey Mike’s, 6.70%) and Firehouse Subs, 3.81%.

According to Mashed, this is not the first time Subway has faced this type of situation. In 2017, DNA testing requested by CBC Marketplace indicated that Subway’s roast chicken only had about 53.6% chicken DNA, while chicken strips only had 42.8%.

According to CBC, the tests suggested that the rest could be mainly soybeans. Subway disputed those claims in a statement claiming that the chain’s chicken recipe requires no more than 1% soy protein. Despite this eventuality, the firm has now not been well positioned by consumers.

A few months ago, Subway announced that it would improve the menu and the quality of its products so that consumers continue to prefer the company and the diversity of sandwiches it offers in all restaurants in the country.

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