Suelta La Sopa is over. More than four million followers remain on Instagram and the difference with El Gordo and La Flaca was little

Suelta La Sopa has come to an end. The show closed its cycle after eight years on the air. Its end is a fact and by remembering its time on the air, you have as a product an entertainment program that broke the news, as much as it made the news itself.

The biggest scandal: the farewell of Carolina Sandoval; The celebrities who always distinguished themselves by rejecting the program were several, among these are Julián Gil and Geraldine Bazán. Everything started well with Ninel Conde, and ended very badly, to the point that there was no longer a relationship between her and the now-defunct show that was broadcast on Telemundo.

Suelta La Sopa is now “Let go” on Instagram. More than four million followers remain on this social network. However, days after its television culmination, the entertainment account continues to produce content.

Here we leave some of his latest post.

At the moment it is unknown if the show will find a way to get back on the air, using another name and perhaps with other drivers and a different style. What is more than evident at the moment is the fact that they are not willing to lose such a fruitful account on Instagram, which has more than four million followers.

Especially because while Suelta La Sopa has 4.3 million followers, El Gordo y la Flaca He beats them by very little, Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan in his program count as 4.6 million followers.

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