Sugey Ábrego now sells her underwear, used, through her website where she offers erotic content

Sugey Abrego pampers her fans with underwear and feet! It was his followers who made the request and it has been a good deal for him. “What has surprised me is that they want them unwashed, and I please them guys!” said Ábrego. “Many are going to say that ‘what a dirty thing!’ But there are a lot of voyeurs, so they were the ones who came up with the idea,” he added.

In an interview with Mezcaliente, he clarified how all this came about: “They asked me for photos of my feet on Instagram, they asked me for my used panties and then I said, well, I’d better give them to them with the photo, the perfume that I use, a special box, we send it as something unique and special for the cost of the garment, and because it is also a unique garment, it is not that I am selling lingerie”.

The Mexican host talks about the request that she considers the strangest from her followers.

“I don’t know why they love to see my feet. Today I have ordered two personalized messages, but they just want me to dance on tiptoe with my feet. I don’t know why you like feet, but I send them to you. Hey, one minute of seeing the feet and I sitting there in the comfort of my house, I do start to think; I never would have imagined that this could be a business”, said Sugey Ábrego.

Sugey is still open to love, although she would not stop offering erotic content on her site for a man.

“Obviously if a leading man appears, of course he would have to offer me a ring and everything, because he could not accept anything less, but he would have to accept me as I am,” he concluded.

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