Super Bowl 2022 Who is Mexican to sell scrapings in the Super Bowl?

As you know in Mexico It is very common to buy bolts and shaved, then, they are a pleasure for street gastronomy, but will there be these in the Super Bowl 2022?, Here we tell you who is Mexican that will make it possible.

In AmericanPost.News We reveal the history of this fellow in the United States it began when he was 6 years old, as it was at that moment that came to the North American country, leaving behind Mexico.

Previously we tell you that Mhoni Seer predicts who will win the Super Bowl; But now we can tell you how it will be one of the Mexican street cravings will be present at this sporting event.

Mexican will take scrapes and pens to Super Bowl 2022

Antigua palette tends Laura. Photo: Instagram snoconamor

It businesswoman Laura Flores, who with his family began to gain life in the North American country putting in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, a business pallet where he sold up to 100 flavors, both of these as scrapings.

Despite the success of your business, the Mexican decided to sell it because he had the dream of engaging in the show, and did well, then, so was assistant Salma Hayek and was close to other Hollywood stars, but at the end decided to leave all to return to its roots, because life is really busy entertainment.

Currently, Laura is 52 years, and after resuming his business bolis and scrapings has had several successes, therefore, has been accepted to sell at different stages such as Coachella, the Dodgers and Santa Anita, but never imagined it would be called for the Super Bowl.

At this, she said:

“I am on the moon! When they called me to tell me she was very excited … “

And he added:

“Just simply to say that there will be” boli “in the Super Bowl, just that … it’s exciting.”

It is worth mentioning that now, Laura is officially an NFL certified vendor, and now she has the tender to install her stand at SoFi Stadium, congratulations!

Who will sing the hymn at the Super Bowl 2022?

Mickey will Guyton, whose real name is Candace Mycale Guyton and at 38 years is raging for his talent and being a star emerging country music.

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