Super Bowl LVI: Golden Ram Barber Shop is the temple where Los Angeles Rams fans can get a haircut and relive the glories of the team

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Looking ahead to Super Bowl LVI, we tell you about the place where many Los Angeles Rams fans gather to fix their hair and chat in an environment completely steeped in the history of the blue and gold team.

Golden Ram Barber Shop dates from 1994, although the fanaticism of its owner, Salt Martinez, comes from many years before, when he was 7 years old and fell madly in love with the horns he saw on the helmet. It was love at first sight and for life. Since then he began to collect things from the Rams.

“I remember they were playing the Cowboys. Me loved the Rams helmet, the horns on his helmet they caught my attention”, he explained in an interview for the official portal of the Los Angeles team, where he explained that something similar happened to his daughter with the characteristic logo: “VI go to Rams games with my daughter, Brianna. When she was 8 months old, I put a Rams helmet on her and she was hooked. Now he is 29 years old and continues to watch all the games with his father, “he said.

Throughout his life, Sal has collected anything he deems important that is related to the team he loves; most display them in their premises, which It looks more like a museum than a hairdresser’s. which has made various media outlets and many Los Angeles Rams fans visit it.

Like any fanatic Sal has his spoiled posters: “One is my jersey worn at the 1979 Ferragamo game. Another is a letter from coach George Allen from the 1969 Rams season, thanking me for being a loyal Rams fan,” he added.

Golden Ram Barber Shop is at 13755 Goldenwest St, in Westminster, there, the experience that awaits you if you are a fan of the team that will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI next Sunday, is unique, you will be able to admire the memorabilia and remember the best (and not so much) moments of the team. “It’s amazing to share the same passion for the Rams. Me love sharing and telling Rams stories to my clients, they love“, he concluded.

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