Ángela Aguilar’s supposed ‘rival’ shows off his waist

Talented singer Angela Aguilar is overshadowed by her supposed 'rival' Irany by showing off her wasp waist on social networks
  • Ángela Aguilar’s alleged ‘rival’ overshadows her by showing off her wasp waist.
  • The young singer Irany is a new sensation in youth music.
  • Pepe Aguilar’s daughter doesn’t stay behind and shows off her figure.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany. The success that the daughter of regional music singer Pepe Aguilar has achieved has surpassed the limits since, at only 18 years of age, she has managed to win over the Hispanic public. She constantly enamors her followers with tremendous photos shared on social networks when she shows off her body.

Through her Instagram account, Angela Aguilar has become a celebrity with millions of followers who know what the young artist is doing. On several occasions, she shows off the great beauty inherited from her mother and grandmother, and her fans have recognized her.

Does the new singer overshadow Angela Aguilar?

Angela Aguilar opaque IranyInstagram photo Angela Aguilar

But in recent months, there has been talking of a possible breakup between father and daughter. Even Pepe scolded her during a live broadcast a few weeks ago. There was also a lot of talk about an alleged rival in the music world since her father signed a young singer of the same age named Irany.

Machin Records company Pepe Aguilar signed this talented musical artist to shine in the world of regional music: “It is for us a great pride to be able to sign you, and hopefully we can do what you deserve to take you to the next and next level,” said the singer.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: Show off your wasp waist.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: Show off your wasp waistPhoto Instagram Irany.

It is worth mentioning that Irany, the young singer signed by Pepe Aguilar, is 17 years old, a few months younger than Ángela Aguilar. It was in her social networks that she was noticed for her great talent in music. The young girl has shown that she has mastered several musical instruments, such as the accordion, piano, and ukulele.

Not only has she demonstrated great talent but also great beauty at such a young age; in one of her latest posts on her Instagram account, Irany boasts to her followers about her figure and shows her wasp waist. Wearing a very Mexican outfit, she has left her fans open-mouthed.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: She earned the accolades.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: She earned the accoladesPhoto Instagram Irany

With ranchero style, the genre of her music, Irany appears with a white shirt, jeans, and a top that reveals her abdomen. Thus, the young woman has managed to win the hearts of her followers. “Be happy, be bright: be you,” the singer wrote in her post.

“How can you be so pretty?”, “Wow, what a pretty babe,” “Super beautiful,” “What a beautiful friend,” “Beautiful, I just fell in love,” “You look great, greetings from Tijuana beautiful,” “How beautiful Irany! Congratulations on your presentation at Jaripeo sin Fronteras, you must have been amazing. May the successes continue and many blessings to you”, were some of the comments from her fans.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: Pepe’s daughter is not far behind.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: Pepe's daughter is not far behindInstagram photo Ángela Aguilar

In light of this situation, the talented young woman who brilliantly started her career, Ángela Aguilar, did not want to be left behind. She also shared a picture on her social networks where she shows her waist. Pepe’s daughter is posing in San Francisco in the snapshot due to her artistic tour.

Already turning 18, the artist appears wearing a yellow blouse and sweater, accompanied by denim jeans that make her look spectacular. It is worth mentioning that she is showing off the beautiful location of the Palace of Fine Arts located in San Francisco.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: She receives compliments from her followersInstagram photo Ángela Aguilar

Thousands of users began to react to this post. Even Irany left some yellow hearts in the comments: “Did you see #TeQuieroParaMi ? Comment yellow hearts,” wrote the singer in her post, where her followers immediately reacted to the photo.

“I love you with all my heart,” “I love you,” “Te Quiero Para Mí is the perfect song for that unique and incomparable person,” “What a cute and beautiful girl,” “What a nice video and what a beautiful song,” “What’s up with your beauty?”, “You have a beautiful voice,” were some comments.

Angela Aguilar overshadowed Irany: Does she compete with her sister?

Do you compete with your sister?Instagram photo Aneliz Aguilar

Previously Aneliz Aguilar, the older sister of singer Ángela Aguilar, also overshadowed her with a swimsuit photo from the beach. Still, the singer does not want to be left behind and ‘shows off her beauty. It didn’t take long for Aneliz Aguilar’s followers to shower her with compliments. However, many preferred to share different emojis: “You are very beautiful,” “Beautiful,” “Cute,” “I love you, kisses,” “Beautiful view,” and “As beautiful as always.”

Although you would think that Angela Aguilar would have been jealous, she reacted to the picture of her sister in a swimsuit from the beach with a like. However, so far, she has not made any comments: “What a beautiful woman,” “Perfect,” “Whatever you wear, you look beautiful and even more if you design it” can be read in more comments.

Aneliz Aguilar greets her followers.

Aneliz Aguilar greets his followersInstagram photo Aneliz Aguilar

And as if it were a competition between sisters, Aneliz Aguilar again overshadowed Ángela Aguilar with another heart-stopping image in which she appears in a white bikini covered by a sarong. The beauty of Pepe Aguilar’s eldest daughter is undeniable.

Once again, her fans were quick to praise her. However, on this occasion, several people remarked that she resembles her grandmother, the renowned actress Flor Silvestre, who died on November 25 last year.

“Thinking of you.”

"Thinking of you"Instagram photo Aneliz Aguilar

Aneliz Aguilar looks spectacular in this image she shared with her followers on June 9, which has more than 90 thousand likes, and where the beautiful young woman wrote: “Thinking of you,” who will?

According to information from El Heraldo de México, which I took from Ángela Aguilar’s TikTok account, Pepe Aguilar’s eldest daughter did not venture into music because she does not like it, despite having a very good voice and she “sings very beautifully.”

He confesses that he was about to fall out of the pool.

He confesses that he was about to fall out of the poolInstagram photo Aneliz Aguilar

“I almost fell in the pool trying to take the last picture. Which one is your favorite?” asked Aneliz Aguilar in the text she wrote to accompany a series of images she shared late last year at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to being very interested in the world of fashion, something that is confirmed by the outfits she wears in her publications, it was revealed that the young woman is studying a career in Entertainment business management, which could be translated as Entertainment Business Management.

Aneliz shares her “happy place.”

Aneliz shares her "happy place"Instagram photo Aneliz Aguilar

Finally, we share this picture in which Aneliz Aguilar poses in a very suggestive way to the camera, which did not go unnoticed by her fans, who found out that the influencer was in her “happy place.”

“Gorgeous,” “What a beautiful woman,” “Wow, how beautiful you are,” and “Sexy” were some of the compliments given to the young woman, who, despite what is believed, has a very good relationship with her famous sister, although she did not want to be left behind.

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