Surreal: New Zealand player scored an own-goal hat-trick in a match against the United States

Not even in the worst game of his life could a player imagine scoring three goals against. However, and unfortunately for Meykayla Moore this nightmare became a reality, Well, the Liverpool player and selected from New Zealand scored a hat-trick of own goals in a match against the United States.

The surreal moment occurred at the SheBelieves Cupa friendly tournament in which the teams from the Czech Republic, Iceland, New Zealand and the United States are participating.

The Americans faced the New Zealanders in a match that ended 5-0 but where the protagonists were not the American scorers, but the defender Moore and her sad triplet of own goals.

From the beginning of the match, the game warned Moore that he would live a real nightmare, because at minute 5 he tried to clear a center but sent the ball to the bottom of his own goal.

But that was only the beginning of Moore’s forgettable presentation, since a few seconds later an almost identical scene occurred but on the other side of the field. In less than a minute New Zealand was down two goals with two own goals.

But the worst was not over yet for Moore, as in the 35th minute and after a creeping center, the defender, in an attempt to clear, sent the ball back to the back of the net of her own goal.

Before the terrible presentation of Moore, the player was substituted in the first half, at minute 40but that didn’t stop the United States from scoring two more goals to seal the 5-0 rout.