Surrounded by flowers Ana Cheri wears a flowing dress from the garden

The 35-year-old popular fitness model, Ana Cheri continues to cause a stir in users and this time he dazzled everyone again after posting a flirty image that surprised more than one, with which he unleashed all kinds of comments by modeling a translucent garment that left each of his curves visible from the garden.

The beautiful American influencer has shown on more than one occasion her commitment and dedication to her loyal fans, since lately she has been seen quite active on her digital platforms, despite going through difficult personal moments such as her recent divorce.

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Trying to show each of her trips, the beautiful internet celebrity has not stopped posting pictures on her profile, modeling in charming places in the company of her best friends as she did in the city of New Yorkas well as solo.

And that is why the famous businesswoman decided to embark on a new journey in the Josué Trees National Park in California, where she has been walking through the desert area while she is developing her love for nature and adventure while leaving her area of comfort.

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Although on this occasion, the successful model preferred to show the incredible landscapes instead of showing off her charming beauty in front of the camera lens, as she did a couple of months ago with an attractive image that she shared through her personal account on the Instagram social network, in which she looked like a goddess of Olympus by wearing a smoking garment that captivated her devoted fans.

The postcard was a success among users, due to the wonderful view that Cheri allowed to admire, where she could be seen posing on her back in the middle of a beautiful garden while wearing a flowy dress with flowers that caught the eyes of her faithful. followers.

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