Survivor Mexico 2022: Everything you need to know before its premiere

Today, Wednesday, June 15, they will broadcast the first episode of Survivor Mexico 2022, the controversial sports competition reality show on TV Azteca that has captivated the public for two seasons. For this reason, AmericanPost.News will tell you know everything you should know about this third installment before its long-awaited premiere.

Like Exatlón México and La Isla, this reality show has been recorded in the vicinity of the islands of the Dominican Republic. Also, you should know that Carlos Guerrero “Warrior” returns by public request to impose your passionate driving style.

Let’s remember that the program confronts a group of people divided into 2 tribes: Jaguares and Halcones. The premiere has aroused the interest of fans, who are eager to learn about the extreme challenges they will have to overcome to reach the grand finale and take home the long-awaited trophy, in addition to the 2 million pesos awarded as a prize.

They are the 22 participants

The jaguars and falcons will face each other again to reach the final.

Next, we present you the group to which each of the 22 participants will belong who will face each other to sneak into the grand finale and become the grand winner of the third season of Survivor Mexico.

Halcón tribe

  • Karim Sayeg – Marketer
  • Christian Carrasco – Dentist
  • Nahomi Mejia – Model
  • Italivi Orozco – Model
  • Kenta Delgado – Model
  • Tefi Valenzuela – Singer
  • Julián Huergo – Gamer
  • Salime Sadak – Chef
  • David Garcia – Dancer
  • Cate Lopez – Actress
  • Javier Ceriani – Journalist

Jaguar tribe

  • Gabriel Cuevas – Journalist
  • Viridiana Álvarez – Mountaineer
  • Ale Saadi – Dancer
  • Cyntia Cofano – Influencer
  • David Ortega – Model
  • Lupita Galan – Merchant
  • Rogelio Torres – Nurse
  • Catalina Blanco – TV Producer
  • Youssef Farah – Biologist
  • Santi Valverde – TV host
  • Cuchao Pérez – Content creator

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Where to see Survivor Mexico 2022?

22 participants will compete against each other to win the trophy and the prize of 2 million pesos.

Survivor Mexico 2022 can be enjoyed on Azteca Uno at 7:30 p.m. (CDMX time). However, it can also be seen through the Ajusco television station website or through the application available for iOS and Android. Remember to check the entertainment news so you don’t miss the news of the reality show.