Survivor Mexico 2022: This will be the millionaire prize of the third season

This Wednesday began the third season of the reality show on Tv Azteca, Survivor Mexicoin which 22 participants will face each other to win a millionaire reward.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that this season promises to have tougher tests and many more shortcomings during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

In two different teams, divided as Halcones and Jaguares, celebrities will compete to win the millionaire prize and the trophy.

What is the prize in Survivor Mexico 2022?

22 participants will compete for the Survivor Mexico 2022 prize The prize for the third season of Survivor Mexico will be 2 million pesos.

There will be 22 participants, who will face each other in the third season to win a prize of 2 million pesos, an amount very different from the one that was awarded in the first season.

Over the weeks, the contestants will gradually say goodbye to the competition, which will have only one winner.

Nahomi Mejía, Javier Ceriani, Christian Carrasco, Karim Sayeg, Tefi Valenzuela, Italivi Orozco, Kenta Delgado, Julián Huergo, Salime Sadek, David García and Cate López will compete on behalf of the “Halcones”.

While the “Jaguars” are confirmed by Gabo Cuevas, Viridiana Álvarez, Ale Saadi, Cuchao Pérez, Cyntia Cofano, David Ortega, Lupita Galán, Rogelio Torres, Catalina Blanco, Yusef Farah and Santi Valverde.

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Winner of Survivor Mexico

The prize for the third season of Survivor Mexico will be 2 million pesos.

The reality of Tv Azteca, Survivor México, has had two previous editions, in the first it was Lalo Urbina, who won the grand prize.

The second season, which was much more controversial, who ended up winning was Pablo Martí, who also participated in two seasons of MasterChef México.

Viewers and fans of Survivor Mexico 2022 They will enjoy several weeks of competition, until they know who will take the two million pesos.

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