Survivor Mexico: How to vote, when and where to, and what time to watch the grand finale ‘live’?

Survivor Mexico has given a lot to talk about from the first episode to its final stage and in a few hours, the big winner of the third season will be known, so we will give you the details of where and what time to enjoy the final.

In American Post News, we have let you know that the winner is between Nahomi, Kenta, and Julián, the survivors who managed to stand out thanks to their strategies and sports skills.

Let’s remember that the grand finale of Survivor Mexico had several modifications due to Hurricane Fiona, which impacted and left destruction in the Dominican Republic, where the reality is filmed. However, with a week’s delay, the finalists will be announced.

When will the Survivor 2022 final be?

What time will the Survivor Mexico final be?

On September 30, the public will be able to find out the big winner of Survivor Mexico 2022, who will win 2 million pesos.

The final episode of the Survivor Mexico reality show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be broadcast live on channel Azteca Uno and TV Azteca’s digital portal.

Twenty-two participants entered TV Azteca’s reality show, but only three of them made it to the grand finale.

How will the winner of Survivor Mexico be chosen?

How to vote in Survivor Mexico 2022?

As was done in the last season of the reality show Survivor Mexico, the winner of the third edition will be chosen through a voting system.

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The public will decide the winner of Survivor Mexico, who will win a million-dollar prize. The three finalists have already revealed that they would like to support their families if they manage to become the winners.

To vote for your favorite Survivor Mexico, you will have to download the Tv Azteca app and choose your favorite contestant in the reality section. It should be noted that voting is already open.