Survivor Mexico: They are the 22 participants of the third season

After a waiting time they have finally confirmed the 22 participants from the third season of “Survivor Mexico”, so in AmericanPost.News We share with you who are the participants who will join this extreme adventure, where only one survivor can win the grand prize.

The TV Azteca reality show will once again be hosted by Carlos Guerrero “Warrior”, as he will return to the beaches of the Dominican Republic to guide the contestants to this new survival challenge. Through the social networks of reality they revealed the identity of the participants.

Previously we introduced you to the first participants of the TV Azteca reality show, but this time we share the names of the 22 contestants who will join the third season of one of the most anticipated programs by the audience.

Who are the 22 participants of the third season?

Through a video they revealed the identity of the 22 participants and they are: Karim Sayeg who is a marketer, Viridiana Álvarez a mountaineer, the dentist Christian Carrasco, the dancer Ale Saadi, the model Nahomi Mejía, the journalist Gabo Cuevas, the model Italivi Orozco.

The television host Santi Valverde, the content creator Chucho Pérez, the television producer Catalina Blanco, the biologist Yusef Farah, the actress Cate López and the journalist Javier Ceriani.

As well as the model Kenta Delgado, the singer Tefi Valenzuela, the influencer Cyntia Cofano, the gamer Julián Huergo, the model David Ortega, the merchant Lupita Galán, the nurse Rogelio Torres, the chef Salime Sadak and the dancer David García.

How much did the winner of Survivor Mexico win?

Pablo Martí, winner of the second season

The previous winner of the second season of the program won 2 million pesos, since Pablo Martí was crowned the survivor who won the competition, while in the first season it was Lalo Urbina, but in this edition the participants have different profiles and professions.

It is worth mentioning that the reality show “Survivor Mexico” will start next Wednesday June 15 sharp at 7:30 p.m. through the Azteca Uno signal, which is why users eagerly await the premiere of the program in its third season.

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