Survivor Mexico: They prepare a lawsuit against Gabo Cuevas for falsifying information about Saadi

Survivor Mexico has given something to talk about in this 2022 season, more than its results due to the multiple controversies that its participants are starring in.

Which has caused a massive interest in fans to know in detail all the gossip that has come out of the program. Now, a former participant accuses Saadi of being unfaithful to her husband.

This controversy joins the filtering of the eliminated this week, the same information we bring you in American Post News.

Gabo Cuevas explodes against Saadi.

Gabo Cuevas affirmed that Saadi was unfaithful to her husband

The always controversial Gabo Cuevas has already been expelled from the reality show of athletic competitions, yet continues to give something to talk about because on this occasion, he has come out to balcony Saadi.

During a live show Gabo Cuevas spoke about several reality show participants and showed his support for several of them, however when images of Saadi came out, the show journalist said the following:

“Loyal you who cheated on your husband… that is, kissing an engaged person! She swears it’s true, so tell her the truth about why she kissed a reporter, so don’t make it up, sorry, but she’s the net one. You Saadi kissed a reporter named Fredi.”

This way, Gabo Cuevas affirmed that the Survivor Mexico participant was unfaithful to him with a person from the production. He also emphasized that his testimony was real because he would not risk giving false information.

“I am going to tell you one thing, very clearly. What I have said, I have to have the hu$#% to say it, and yes, I say it because I know it”

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Gabo Cuevas will be sued

The program specialized in show business gossip Chisme No Like took on the task of inviting Yousel Croes, husband of Ale Saadi, so that he could express his feelings before the statements of Gabo Cuevas.

In his speech on the program, Croes pointed out that he believes that everything is a lie from Gabo and that what he wants is to destroy his wife.

“I had avoided it because people were commenting on his statements, but there came a point that I could not bear it because I felt that it was a lie and defamation of my wife. I think his goal is to destroy my wife.”

For his part, Javier Ceriani, a former participant of the reality show, pointed out that the members couldn’t have intimacy outside of the recordings.

“I assure you it is impossible to be intimate with strangers.”

Yousel told the journalist that he would take legal action for his false news since he assured Gabo Cuevas must be stopped since he is carrying the flag of truth, but he is a hypocrite.