Survivor Mexico: What will happen in the first week of fusion?

Survivor Mexico A new stage will begin, now the participants will no longer be tribes and will defend their permanence in the competition individually, however with the “fusion” the survivors will seek to eliminate the strongest and new strategies will be created.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that with the expected merger, the competition in Survivor Mexico becomes more intense and now the participants will have to face those who were previously their allies.

It is known that the strategy of most of the participants is to eliminate the strongest, so we give you all the details that are known so far, in this new week.

Survivor Mexico reaches fusion

What will happen in the merger of Survivor Mexico? Which participants reached fusion in Survivor Mexico 2022?

After Jacky’s elimination from Survivor Mexico, the competition reaches its merger stage and one of the participants who is at risk is Jusef Farah, who has had conflicts with most of the survivors.

“We are going for Yusef’s head, this is how Kenta expressed it with the expected arrival of the Fusion at Survivor Mexico.”

Let’s remember that at this stage of the competition everyone is closer to becoming the winner of Survivor Mexico, so they will have to form new individual strategies, since there will only be one winner.

As announced in the previews, in this new week, the participants will have an incredible celebration of their arrival at the Fusion, having a banquet and an incredible event with Warrior, host of the reality show.

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Survivor Mexico 2022 members

Which participants reached fusion in Survivor Mexico 2022?

The participants who managed to reach the fusion week in the reality show Survivor México are Cathe López, Cuchao Pérez, David García, Nahomi Mejia, Cyntia Cofano, David Ortega, Santi Valverde, Yusef Farah, Julián Huergo, Ale Saadi, Catalina and Kenta Sakurai .

In the same way, it has been announced that Survivor Mexico will have a new schedule, since now a new day of transmission is added, being from Monday to Saturday.

As it has been announced, the next eliminated from Survivor Mexico it could be Yusef Farah, although so far there is no proof.

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