Susana González shares the beauty secret of her hair and even wants to “commercialize” it

Mexico. The actress from Zacatecas, Susana González shares a beauty secret to make her hair look amazing and even wants to “commercialize” it. The protagonist of the telenovela “Mi Fortuna Es Amarte” tells us what it consists of.

Susana González, originally from Calera, Zacatecas, Mexico, looks spectacular at 47 years old, and especially her hair always attracts the attention of the public, especially her fans.

In several interviews, Susana has said that she prepares shampoo for the care of her hair, and it has given him excellent results. They are apparent, and his friends always ask him how he makes it look so cute.

In an interview with the Hoy program, Susana mentions that her beauty secret is nothing to write home about, and the shampoo she uses she prepares at home with her own hands.

“I make it with my hands at home, but I haven’t put it up for sale because people have approached me, but I feel like I’d lose because it’s like a very particular recipe.”

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But the beautiful actress from other telenovelas such as “Velo De Novia” and “Imperio De Mentiras” does not rule out that in the distant future, she could debut as a businesswoman and launch the shampoo with its name and formula on the market.

“My dream is to become something that goes hand in hand and that several women and men are involved and that it be like a chain of aid and that we can distribute,” she stressed for Hoy.

What Susana does, for now, is distribute said shampoo among your closest friends and family above all, he also says and refers that the product is totally herbal.

“It has about 30 natural elements that I am constantly changing so that your hair does not get used to it, everything gives it a special shine, and the truth is that it changes you from the first time you use it.”

Susana has an outstanding career as an actress, mainly in telenovelas on Televisa. According to her biography, she was 18 years old when she started studying acting at Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artística (CEA).

Susana González was 23 years old when she received his first opportunity to participate in the telenovela “Sentimientos Ajenos” produced by José Alberto Castro and starring Yolanda Andrade and Carlos Ponce.

In 1997 Susana took part in other melodramas such as María Isabel, Preciosa, and Rosalinda, and in 2002 her first leading role was in “Entre El Amor Y El Odio”, together with César Évora.

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Susana González currently stars alongside David Zepeda in “Mi Fortuna Es Amarte”, a production by Nicandro Díaz and broadcast on Channel 2, in which she shares a performance with David Zepeda, Luis Felipe Tovar, María Rojo and Chantal Andere.