Suspect of attempted murder was arrested after a police chase in Orange County

The suspect is in the custody of Costa Mesa authorities.

Photo: MARVIN RECINOS/AFP/Getty Images

A suspect wanted for attempted murder was arrested Monday afternoon after a police chase in the city of Costa Mesa, Orange County.

The pursuit of the individual began on a highway in the Santa Ana area after a reported drive-by shooting of another vehiclewith no further details about the suspected assassination attempt being immediately released.

The suspect circulated on a road in the opposite direction to traffic, as well as other avenues in the city while being chased by several patrols.

Subsequently, the subject came to the end of a dead end, so he got out of the car and found himself in what appeared to be an industrial parking complexwhere he attempted to steal a vehicle that was parked with the driver’s door open.

Moments later officers cornered him, ordered him to drop an object he was holding, and the suspect eventually surrendered.

The subject was arrested at approximately 1 pm near the intersection of Newport Boulevard and Victoria Street, in Costa Mesa.

The authorities reported that two other individuals related to this case were arrested and that the investigations are ongoing.

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