Suspected MS-13 gunman, alias “El Flaco”, arrested for drug trafficking in Honduras

The arrested man is an alleged drug dealer, and a trigger and for the criminal organization – Photo: ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/Getty Images

Officials of the Honduran National Police arrested red-handed “El Flaco”, an allegedly active member of the criminal group MS-13 for illicit drug trafficking.

The 21-year-old suspect is an alleged gunman for the MS-13 criminal organization, originally from El Progreso and resident in the El Salitre neighborhood, municipality of El Negrito, Yoro, Honduras, according to the police report.

“Action executed in the La Meseta neighborhood of that same sector, he is presumed responsible for the crime of illicit drug trafficking to the detriment of the public health of the State of Honduras and possession of ammunition for firearms for permitted use,” reads the statement. release.

The authorities stated that at the time of his arrest, several transparent plastic wrappers with alleged marijuana and 11 permitted-use firearm cartridges were seized from him.

According to the investigations, the subject known by the alias “El Flaco” has been a member of MS-13 for approximately 4 years.

“The DPI opened an investigative file on the detained suspect and will make it available to the local Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry together with the evidence seized, so that it can proceed according to law,” details the report of the Honduran National Police.

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