Suspects of kidnapping a 3-month-old Hispanic baby were identified by San José police

San Jose police launched a massive search to locate Brandon Cuellar.

Photo: Philip Pacheco/Getty Images

Three suspects of kidnapping a 3-month-old Hispanic baby on Monday were identified by the San José police,

The Hispanics José Román Portillo, 28 years old; Yesenia Guadalupe Ramírez, 43 years old; and Baldomeo Sandoval, 37 years oldwere arrested for the kidnapping of 3-month-old Brandon Cuellar, who was kidnapped from his grandmother’s house.

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Police said the investigation determined that Portillo entered the grandmother’s residence and took Brandon out in a baby carrier, which was captured on surveillance video..

The detectives They also discovered that, before the kidnapping, Ramírez had run some errands with the minor’s grandmother.. Since Yesenia Guadalupe’s statement changed several times, it was decided to detain her as a person of interest in the case.

Sandoval was also questioned by the police, and due to his statements and the evidence he was also arrested.

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Tuesday morning, Brandon was found safe after a 20-hour search that ended a few miles from his grandmother’s residence.where he was kidnapped, police said.

The grandmother had said that her grandson was abducted at approximately 1 p.m. Monday from his apartment on Elm Street while she was unloading groceries.

After recovering surveillance video, which was key to locating Brandon, the massive manhunt for the suspect involved FBI agents.

When the public’s help was asked to identify the suspect with the video of the man in the baby carrier walking down Elm Street, it was discovered that the same subject left the area 5 minutes later.

An employee of a nursing home located across the street from the residence where Brandon was found was the one who noticed something was amiss.

ANDThe employee saw a silver 2011 Nissan Quest pickup truck with a distinctive decal on the rear window.. Around 4:50 am, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) tweeted a photo with the description and license plate of the truck.

That post was later removed and San Jose police were unable to confirm the information released by CHP.

It was thanks to that message that it was there long enough for the employee to check the information on the truck.

The worker notified the San José Police Department and moments later they arrived at the scene to secure the vehicle and went to the home of the alleged suspect.

Tuesday morning, At least five officers wearing vests that said San José Police Gang Unit were seen retrieving evidence from that address.. The authorities did not give an explanation for the presence of a special team at the scene.

The College Park neighborhood on Elm Street, which had come to a standstill Monday after police left the apartment where Brandon was kidnapped, woke up Tuesday with the good news that the 3-month-old baby had been rescued safely.

Little Brandon was back with his family, who told police that they wanted their privacy and would not comment at this time.

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