Suspects of killing a woman with a crowbar and having sex while the victim was dying could face the death penalty

Oklahoma couple admit to having sex while their victim was dying.

Photo: Tulsa Police Department/Courtesy

One of the suspects in the Oklahoma love triangle murder, in which the victim died after being hit with a steel crowbarpleaded guilty, while the other involved is preparing to stand trial.

In the death of Sarh Maguire of Tusla, Nicholas Johnson and Brinlee Denison face charges.

The Office of the District Attorney of the County of Tulsa told Fox News that Johnson waived his rights to a jury trial and pleaded guilty to one count of murder. While the Denison case continues.

The prosecutor’s office said that on Thursday, a judge issued a 30-day extension for prosecutors to decide if the case should go back to a preliminary hearing.

According to court documents, Johnson and Denison confessed to hitting Maguire with a crowbar and stealing cash from cards and having driven to another state with your vehicle.

They also revealed that they had sex in Maguire’s bed after the murder.

According to a police affidavit, the man had said that “I could still hear the victim in the living room struggling to live while having sex with Denison in the bedroom.”

The suspect also reportedly confessed that Denison used the victim’s devices to transfer money from the victim’s bank account to another account set up for the suspects.

It is not yet decided if the suspect will face the death penaltybut indicated that it is a possibility.

Speaking to Fox 23 Tusla, Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said.

This is the kind of case we’d look at, I’d get my death penalty review team together. to review it and make a determination. Not in every case we bring we seek the death penalty, but I want to make sure “we’re following the numbers.”

The July 21 is expected to be sentenced Johnson, could be sentenced to life in prison with or without parole. For his part, Denison will return to court on June 13.

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