Suspended ?: Chicharito could be affected by the “Zlatan rule”

Suspended ?: Chicharito could be affected by the “Zlatan rule”

The return of the soccer player is still in doubt.

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After starting the season in an incredible way and being the player of the month and the leading scorer, today Javier “Chicharito” Hernández he is at risk of being sanctioned by the “Zlatan” rule, given the absence he has presented after his injury.

And yes, the “Zlatan” rule is named after a precedent set by the Swedish player during his time in MLS with LA Galaxy in 2018.

Back then Ibrahimovic refused to participate in the MLS All-Star Game, and the League sought to implement a sanction against those players who are called up to the All-Star Game and do not appear.

From that moment the “Zlatan” rule emerged, which dictates that if a player refuses to participate or simply cannot play in the All-Star Game, they will receive a suspension game In the season.

It is evident that Chicharito will be chosen as one of the players of the month, can be called up to the All-Star Game, but is currently injured it is difficult for him to participate.

The game will be held this Wednesday, August 25 and Chicharito is not officially ruled out. However, everything indicates that this will be the case and he will receive the respective sanction from the league.

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